Not sure what to tell here so I will give it some more thought and let all my secrets out at a later date

I live in North Wales near a town called Porthmadog have a look at the Porthmadog website its a great place to holiday, near by is the town of Criccieth another great place to stay

My Equipment....

I have a 1m FUNKE dish with a .6db dual band LNB I also have an Echostar quad band .7 LNB

I hook this up to a Force D-Master 1022s Digital motorised system with built in viaccess and conax cams

This also has a pass through for my Nokia Sat1700MKII with a Churchill d2mac decoder attached.

I also send the signal to my PC and watch the results on a PCTV video card.

I first started looking for feeds using an 80 cm Mesh dish and an old 16 channel Amstrad receiver. You know the rest of the story.
*feeds found = wanted more channels on receiver = new receiver = bigger dish (repeat until money runs out). I expect you all have a similar story.

That's all I can think of right now, any questions e-mail me

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